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Diagnosed with Age Related Macular Degeneration 6 years ago

37 injections left eye
16 injections right eye

Most people that have not received this treatment might worry about attending but the service is wonderful, professional and there is nothing to worry about.

This treatment has saved my sight meaning I can continue to watch Bradford Bulls – Without this treatment I would be blind.

It is great that this treatment is open to all patients. More people are now aware of it meaning more people will have their sight saved like me. I was lucky to have been diagnosed when I was as private costs for treatment were well beyond my means.

I believe that BAET is a worthy charity as with more people being made aware of the condition they are seeking help sooner with their local optometrist meaning the number of patients referred into the service is increasing.

I strongly believe in the good that Bradford is doing to save peoples sight.

Josephine Meehan

Diagnoses: Macular Dystrophy
Number of treatments: 6 Injections in right eye

I feel the staff are always aware of peoples appointment schedules and the importance of getting them in ASAP if any problems occur before this. I was recently given an appointment within a week after attending eye casualty.

I would not be able to continue working if it was not for the treatment I have received over the last year.

BAET fundraising for equipment is very beneficial as it means the service could run more clinics enabling more patients to receive much needed treatment.

Claire Combes 

'My condition was caught early and so far I have had 28 injections in right eye for Age Related Macular Degeneration'. 'I would have been blind without the treatment' offered at the macula clinic.

This is much needed service to stop people from going blind and needing additional support from social services.

Fundraising would be beneficial for extra equipment as this would mean more patients can be seen and treated.

Patient very happy travelling to attend SLH as they feel the staff are so lovely.

Asked that name not included

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